What is Crave Meals?

Crave Meals is a website that offers unique programs to help you Lose weight, Manage or Prevent Disease and Stay Healthy at different stages of your life. Each program consists of 7-day meal plans designed with your needs in mind.

At Crave Meals we’ve taken a novel and practical approach to health and weight loss. We take into account your physiology, personal health goals, exercise and food preferences and supply you with 7-day meal plans complete with recipes and a grocery list. What makes Crave Meals so unique is that we consider all of your 13 essential nutrients so you don’t have to. You will not have to count calories, question whether you are eating too much fat, cholesterol or carbohydrates. All you have to do is follow the plan and take comfort in knowing that you are moving towards a healthier you.

Along with making sure that you are eating for your needs, we have incorporated principles and strategies that help boost your metabolism, increase your energy and lose weight (if this is one of your goals).

Whether you're looking to lose 50lbs, your doctor said that you need to lower your cholesterol or you are concerned about healthy aging, you can be sure that the plans you receive are focused on YOUR needs.

All of our programs were designed by Registered Dietitians and Nutritionists.