This was an amazing service. I really loved receiving the different meal plans every week. Very organized system, and some really great ideas. I found it overall an excellent service, and really appreciated the organized fashion in which the meal plans were put together.”

"Here are some highlights of the meal plan provided: •really helps me understand portions (my portions were much larger) • I've been eating more often (5 times a day instead of 3) • no longer getting headaches! • don't really crave sweets as much • i've cut out putting salt on my food • I've been making better choices when eating out (salad over fries) • eaten breakfast every morning (used to eat breakfast 3-4 times per week) • love the lime pepper fries recipe - thanks! • eating more fruit than I ever have! Thanks! • feeling better about myself and my weight!:)."

"Things are going really great! I completed the first week yesterday and it is so awesome! Totally doable and tasty and NORMAL food!"

"I thought you would be interested in knowing that my husband lost over 30 pounds using Crave. He is a GOA employee and took advantage of the 12 free mealplans they offered to their employees. He went through a health scare at the end of March, which was just at the time the government offered the program. A doctor told him to lose weight and exercise every day to avoid another health scare. He took the advice to heart and in the last five months lost over 30 pounds! The recipes are easy but I think the best part is that all meals are planned out for you. So, as long as you can stick to the program there is no decisions to be made! My husband is definitely a Crave success story!!"

"I'm enjoying the simplicity of the meal plan. It was fun to come home from the grocery store knowing everything had a purpose and a time. Very efficient for a change!"

"Thanks so much! Your service has made a huge difference in my life!!

"I lost 40lbs in the past 2 months...Thank you Crave Meals!"

"I am absolutely THRILLED to report that the scales showed 185 lb. this morning, that's a 5 lb. reduction from a week ago. I have had no trouble keeping to the meal program and have not felt hungry at all."

"My doctor has started to refer patients to the site."

“They are easy to follow and I love the nutritional breakdown and recipes.”

"My husband Keith, was depressed after being diagnosed with high cholesterol…he got overwhelmed…we are on our second week and we both feel that we are managing it."

"For the first time in my life I'm actually starting to enjoy cooking! I love the meal selection so far. We're obviously seeing wonderful results with the meal plans you've put together for us."

"I enjoyed having a plan, and not having to figure out what to make for lunch and dinner all the time. I have lost somewhere between 2 and 3.5 pounds this week. So, thank you very much for meal plan #1 – it’s been really good and I look forward to seeing my next one later in the week. "

“It's been a great tool for both me and my husband. I lost weight in a healthy and flavourful way. It also made bringing my lunch to work much better using left-overs from the day before. There were flavour combinations I hadn't tried before but will go back to again.”

“I have really enjoyed the menu’s – unfortunately I did not follow them the proper way but still managed to lose 10 lbs. I plan on following them faithfully starting in July.....up till then my life is in chaos.......thank you so much this has helped immensely..... I am also planning on getting my husband to sign up for the diabetic weight loss....”

"Lost another pound--now 137!! We loved the stirfry meal. Even my husband is O.K. with most of this, which will benefit him as well. My energy levels are vastly improved as well so good for us!!!!"

"I'm just making my way through the second meal plan now and I really like it so far. I love how easy it is!"

“So far we have really enjoyed the food and my husband is up to a 25 pound weight loss....thanks.”

"I just wanted to thank you for this weeks plan. It’s going really well. I LOVE how simple your recipes are."

"Week two… well I say it was a success, lost another 2lbs (238)"

“I wanted to compliment and thank you for the meal plans. It has been very worthwhile in getting me back on a healthier diet. I shall continue to work with the meal plans and have recommended your site to numerous friends and colleagues.”