An Active Approach To Health

Just as we learned to drive a car by getting out there and doing it, people need to learn about healthy eating in the same way.  Until now, tools and resources developed to teach healthy eating (eg. handouts, lectures, grocery store tours) have taken a passive approach to learning.

The diagram below shows that people learn best though Active Learning activities.

This is where Crave Meals fits in.  Our programs facilitate active learning where individuals learn by ‘Doing the Real Thing’ and remember 90% of what they do.

By following their meal plans, the individual learns:

  • Proper portion sizes
  • How many times a day they should be eating
  • What types of food to buy and consume
  • How many fruits and vegetables they need
  • How to eat to increase energy
  • How to shop healthy, what foods/products to buy
  • How to make healthy food (food preparation and recipes)

"When an individual has a specific plan to follow, they feel empowered and compelled to take action"  Danielle Van Schaick, Registered Dietitian

 Behind the Scenes

  • Each meal plan meets the individual’s daily nutrient requirements (Dietary Reference Intakes, DRIs)
  • Follows Canadian and American Dietary Guidelines
  • Uses real foods, common foods that people eat
  • Practical. Recipes are easy to follow and the food tastes good
  • Not a diet. People learn how and what to eat to be healthy, mange or prevent a disease